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Thanks the bikini “Sponge Suit” swimming becomes an eco-friendly activity

This bikini is made from a sponge-like material that repels water but absorbs oils, designed to help filter impurities from water and turn swimming to an "eco-friendly activity". Created by two engineers of the University of California,  Mihri Ozkan and Cengiz Ozkan, the porous material called Sponge is composed of a network of nanocarbons originating from sugar. This bikini has a great pollution-absorbing qualities because this Sponge Suit is an environmental proactive swimwear that cleans seas as we swim. By absorbing all oil-based contaminants and repelling water, the material is a powerful tool for water decontamination. The Sponge Suit is built from two components – a net-like exterior shell made from 3D-printed plastic that flexes to fit the body and a filler made from Sponge.


Images courtesy Eray Carbajo

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