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The extraordinary installation by the japanese artist Motoi Yamamoto

They look almost chantilly lace and iconic fabric with a geometric pattern,  besides being incredible works of art this two gigantic installations made with simple Mediterranean sea salt from the extraordinary japanese artist Motoi Yamamoto.

On the floor of the tower of a medieval castle in the South of France, they are named “Floating garden” and “Labyrinth” and they are hosted by the exhibition “Univers sel” that will run until 30 november 2016 at  Aigues Mortes, a french city. It's absolutely incredible the flawless perfection and the sublime and enchanting creativity that characterizing these two masterpieces, realized in 50 hours featuring artist who worked always bending over himself dropping grain after grain to create the forms he had in his mind. “Floating garden” is a spiral that in the oriental culture symbolizes the Infinite, while "Labyrinth", is a tangled labyrinth just like the famous one of “Shining” in the cult movie by Stanley Kubrick. As written on the sand that the waves cancel, these two works, over the exhibition, will be removed. But maybe it's just that, although gloomy, to make these pieces of art even more unique, beautiful and special. A true spectacle for the eyes and the heart.


Photo credits Motoi Yamamoto 

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