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Versailles seen by Victoire de Castellane

The Creative Director Victoire de Castellane has designed Dior à Versailles, a new fine jewellery collection directly inspired by the decorative art in the Palace of the Sun King.

An earring recalls a tieback on the drapes in the royal apartments, while necklaces and rings evoke the elaborate woodwork of the Hall of Mirrors, a mirror frame or the palace's candelabras. The collection joyfully embraces 18th-century codes and mixes them with more contemporary ones. A rose-cut diamond is paired with white gold like the smooth meeting of two eras. Producing pieces that bring together several cuts and setting techniques in a single jewel required the collaboration of the finest workshops in Paris. But it was principally the mysterious and splendid soul of Versailles that Victoire de Castellane sought to capture: "I imagined Versailles by night, with its interior illuminated by candlelight that made the gemstones sparkle. The women are bejeweled, and if you listen closely you can almost hear the chime of silverware on porcelain”.

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