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Freaking 50, is the curtain down on the terrible child of fashion?


He took us down the history of his whole career with a sustainability sens. Simpler said, he reused, changed, modified things from his old couture and ready to wear pieces to offer us his first up-cycling collection. Word of wisdom, fashion is a constant renewal of things and above all, YOU can be your own designer. Handbags become skirts, perfume boxes turn into bracelets, an hommage to his Hermes era with braided scarfs made into dresses. A master-hand playing around his marvellous wardrobe, you name it: jeans, corsets, mariners, lace, tattoos, androgyny, the French bleu blanc rouge (blue white red ) for more than 200 looks applauded frenetically by the guest. 

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His muses and friends from the first day were there. To name but a few Boy George, live on the stage, Mylene Farmer, Dita Von Teese, Karlie Kloss, Winnie Harlow, Irina Shayk, Coco Rocha, Paris Jackson, Yasmin Le Bon, Farida Khelfa, Erin O'Connor, Rossy de Palma, Amanda Lear, and Estelle Lefébure modeling, and iconic Catherine Ringer of Les Rita Mitsouko.

After the show he told us about his new project:

"I do not feel anymore like the teriible child, next April 24 I'll turn 68. This is it, I have white hair even though in spirit I am still so young. The wish to continue is still there, so the couture goes on but, with a new concept I made. One I believe suitable for this times. So, why interrupt what I have been doing... there have passed 50 years and also for the young generation is good. But most of all because of "the Freak Show" I really enjoyed doing that. It allows me to do what I initially wanted to, as a child. I loved entertainment."

Freaking 50 8 3 20 3

He shared that moment when he realised fashion is the way, the theatrical lights and movements from the movie that opened his mind to couture. We saw and extract from this iconic film in the beginning of the show: "Qui êtes-vous, Polly Maggoo?" by William Klein. The experience meeting and working with Pierre Cardin, the one he calls a visionary, the one who proved him one can take the freedom to design, manage and be who he wants in the fashion industry. 

"Fashion is a total reflection of life, in her most chaotic way by the way, as it is with today's ecology or politics. This is the essence  of my work, feeling what is happening in the society."

Alexandra Mas

Silk Hair Scarves: ALIDA LIBERALE
Ph: Marco Tassini for MASTASSINI STUDIO
Art Director & Painting: ALEXANDRA MAS
Make Up & Hair Stylist: ANNE ARNOLD 

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